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The 2006 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) winner is...

     ...going to be announced on July 17th, 2006... The Spiel des Jahres nominees are usually announced in May, so stay tuned for the final list of this years finest games.

     Will this years winner be "Louis XIV", requiring players to adapt their strategy based on what their opponents are doing, similiar to the award winning Puerto Rico? Will the judges choose China, for its beautiful components and gameplay reminiscent of El Grande? Or will the richly themed, volcano-inspired fun of "Pompeii" cause the judges to toss all other games into the volcano?

     We're on top of it and we'll have more news to share as soon as we find out additional details. Look for our next major Spiel des Jahres update around mid-May when the nominees are announced! Until then - happy gaming!